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"cry out loud once. look at the mirror & shake it off. i’ve cried like that before & others will have times like that too. cheer up. you’re not alone."

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ailee, do you cooking or being cute..

Kibum holding a chicken


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I made a follow forever so I decided to make one out of the blue juuuust because. Hehe actually it’s because I’ve reached another thousand followers and also I believe this is my third year on tumblr! Wow you guys are amazing ♡. Seriously, thank you to all the new and old followers for following this poopy blog. Words can’t express my gratitude towards you all so I’ll pray and hope that you all will get to meet your bias one day, hehe. And to everyone who stayed with me through my fandom changes, I applaud you ((hugs)).

Buuut of course I won’t be here without all these wonderful and glorious blogs. You guys made my tumblr experience so akjhdkjal. I’m so glad I am able to become friends with some of you! ♡ Eeeps I’m so bad with words and all so I’ll just stop for now. Just know that I love you all 

((I have organized these blogs based on their main fandom or what they mostly post. So I’m sooo sorry if you felt that you were put in the wrong category. And excuse my laziness that it’s not in alphabetical order))

GOT7 Blogs:

markkitten / markjin / jacksonweng / marktuon / marktuat / markyien / ughjacksonwang / jjangjo / got7 / ohgotseven / chaebi

Infinite Blogs:

eteru / woofinite / gyuuri / nameu / gyumeo / chandoo / myeong-suacciomyungsoohyosungie / myungbbytaenggyukimseoulgyu  

EXO Blogs:

derp-yeoll / baekby / jooncherry / doresque / blondejongin / byunbunnie / xehunterbaekhyun-ahhersheyjerzey / ohxing / krismehard / krisinsanity / cheolyans / purpleuhan / yifanz / yeahluhan / sehun88 / shixingseoulattexi-aolujongins / jijun / yeolcomebaek

Multifandom Blogs:

naeunsons / hugtae /  woomarkson / seouldreams / wooyoung / joonghyun / jonghyunarchangjeo / myungbabestaesthetic / koreant 

"And I just got broken,
Broken into two,
Still I call it magic,
When I’m next to you.”

Yes, please do


hi alice! ^^ I'm trying to help my friend on tumblr win tickets to kcon and I was wondering if you could post this kconusa(.)jammer(.)fm/#5669 so people can check out the link? if you could thank you so much :)

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