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"cry out loud once. look at the mirror & shake it off. i’ve cried like that before & others will have times like that too. cheer up. you’re not alone."


If you had to choose: Socks and sandals or crocs?

this is a scary question…………………..



What's advice you think everyone needs to hear?

…i like this video, it’s actually a perfect answer.


Do you have a dream? If so, what is it?

i wouldn’t say that i have a huge, overall dream, but i do have goals.

there are certain people i want to be friends with, there are certain academic goals i want to achieve, there’s a certain level of comfort i want to be surrounded by, and there’s a certain level of happiness that i want to constantly have.

being thrown into college has made me realize that you have to step outside of your comfort zone, and you need to be kinda-sorta independent for the first time in your life. you need to keep track of when you eat, who you hang out with, you have to try to make friends or else nothing actually works out.

my ultimate goal is to try and be happy. i guess you can say that’s kind of a dream? except to be happy, you also need to experience sadness. i cried a lot last night/this morning and that was the first time i did so in college, and i’m sure it won’t be my last. being happy isn’t just a goal though, it’s an accumulation of events that ultimately result in someone feeling content. i guess to attain the dream, i just have to let life run its course. there’s no real way to work hard to be happy i think? it just sort of happens whether you’re expecting it or not.

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when Taemin gets embarrassed and shy(*/∇\*)

jackson is scared of bugs, amusement park rides, his nana noona

"No one is useless in Super Junior. Every member has important role in the group. Super Junior is like a rainbow, every color makes it beautiful.”


I have no words to describe how much i love Jonghyun here.

113/ ambro gifs - #happybersday

[96/100] Pictures of Kim Jonghyun

First JjongD says with gestures to the fans outside Blue night radio that his face is having some allergic problems and to not upload pics of him today.Than he speaks through the mic saying to upload only pretty pics!


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